Wanna Be a Superintendent of Schools?

By Larry Jacobs

Well, it ain’t as easy as it used to be. Superintendents are quitting in huge numbers these days from all sorts of pandemic pressures.

Back when I was a kid, when we wore togas to school and rode pet dinosaurs to get there on time because the wheel hadn’t been invented yet, there was exactly one school superintendent of schools for 11 of my 12 years in Philadelphia public schools. His name was Dr. Allan Wetter and he signed all my report cards; not personally, I might add. Had he seen how I was doing personally, he probably would have left sooner than he did. I assume he was there before I started school too.

Had this been in today’s era, there would have been 3-5 Dr. Wetters during my 12-year tenure as a student, since the average tenure of a superintendent these days is 3-5 years… which ain’t good, but that’s the way it is. It’s tough out there and we need good leaders.

So, besides having Maalox, Pepto Bismol, Prozac and a stress ball handy at all times, what do they need to get through these nutsy pandemic times? To help figure that out, we did a podcast with the Institute for Innovative Education, a think tank that puts superintendents in touch with the education industry.

In my opinion, the industry does great work and needs a louder voice. Both IEI and we here at help to provide that. And they learn from each other. It’s a symbiotic relationship kinda like that bird that cleans a hippo’s teeth… but better, in that it the industry creates what the other needs and superintendents brush their own teeth.

Turns out that SEL products took top-of-the-list honors this year to help students and teachers with their stress and to give kids the life skills they need to get though what education is right now with a greater than ever chance of success.

Listen to my conversation with Doug Roberts of IEI here

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