Bozarth to oversee and support delivery of deaf and hard of hearing and special education teletherapy services for children

VocoVision, the nation’s leading source for remote speech, language and occupational teletherapy services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jamie Bozarth to the position of clinical manager. In this role, Bozarth will provide clinical support and collaborate with telepractice teachers and clinicians who provide vision impaired, deaf and hard of hearing (DHH), special education (SPED) services for students ranging from grades K-12.

As a teacher for DHH and SPED students for 16 years, Bozarth brings a wealth of expertise providing in-person and remote services to students in public and private school settings. Throughout her career, Bozarth delivered support and guidance for parents, staff, facility management, interpreters, as well as the development and implementation of individualized education programs via teletherapy. Outside of the school setting, Bozarth devotes her time coaching gymnastics, including teaching classes tailored for special needs students.

“With Jamie’s extraordinary track record of growth and success, we’re thrilled to welcome her as the newest clinical manager to our leadership team,” said Jessica Marlow, managing director of VocoVision. “Jamie has an unparalleled passion for helping multi-need students and understanding family dynamics related to having a child with special needs. Her patience and dedication are instrumental towards fostering meaningful connections that are enjoyable, engaging and highly effective.”

Bozarth is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Education and Human Sciences, and master’s degree in Deaf Education. During her time as a student, she received endorsements for Inclusive Early Childhood Education and Education Administration. In addition to her DHH and SPED teaching licenses, Bozarth holds an Education Leadership degree from Fort Hays State University.

As a sister and caregiver of two brothers with severe special needs, Bozarth is fully enmeshed with the barriers connected to having a loved one with physical, emotional, mental, learning, and behavioral disabilities. Her personal and professional experiences will support VocoVision’s goal to help students reach their full academic and social-emotional potentials from anywhere.

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