VocoVision Announces CPD Certification & Expanded Toolkit at National Association of School Psychologists Convention

Telepractice provider adding vetted, industry-leading digital assessments to its comprehensive, customizable Toolkit

VocoVision, a leader in telepractice for U.S. schools, is pleased to announce its approval by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) as a provider of continuing professional development (CPD). VocoVision will highlight its CPD offerings and showcase its expanded toolkit, including the newest additions to its arsenal of digital assessments, at Booth #531 at the NASP 2022 Annual Convention taking place Feb. 15-18 in Boston.

At Booth #531, Dr. Kadi Steele and Dr. Pedro Olvera, school psychologists and clinical managers with VocoVision, will discuss the interactive toolkit and assessments. School psychologists who work with VocoVision can access stimulus books, test manuals, and audio files. The assessments available to school psychologists are published by Riverside Insights and include cognitive ability and processing, academic achievement, oral language, and bilingual tests.

“VocoVision’s Toolkit delivers an engaging and adaptive experience that is focused on the unique needs of both the student and the school district. As remote school psychologists, we regularly meet with parents, teachers, and administrators using the Toolkit’s synchronized platform to keep them updated with students’ progress and individualized treatment plans,” said Dr. Steele. “In addition to the Toolkit’s library of comprehensive assessments, interactive games and activities, the flexibility of being able to leverage the materials we already have allows us to maximize each student’s learning experience and further help them reach their goals.”

Additionally, now all school psychologists can earn CPD hours by taking courses with VocoVision. VocoVision offers webinars and other professional development activities on a variety of topics such as mental health in K-12 schools, equity and diversity, and other topics relevant to school psychologists.

“We believe that every student should have access to a school psychologist, and that every school psychologist should have the continued training they need to grow and better serve their students,” said Dr. Olvera. “We are proud of our new role as a NASP-approved CPD provider and look forward to training NASP’s network of school psychologists and clinicians, ensuring more children receive exceptional and direct support for their mental and emotional needs.”

School psychologists should follow VocoVision’s social media channels for information about and to register for the next NASP CPD offering. To learn more, visit VocoVision at the NASP 2022 Annual Convention at Booth #531 or at

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