Virginia Department of Education Recommends Lexia Core5 Reading for Elementary School Interventions and Supplemental Instruction

The Virginia Board of Education (VDOE) has recommended Lexia Core5 Reading (Core5) for elementary school use as a literacy intervention and as supplemental instruction. The adaptive blended learning program from Lexia, a Cambium Learning Group brand, underwent a rigorous review process in which top educators throughout the state recognized it as being aligned with evidence-based literacy instruction, science-based reading research, and the Virginia Standards of Learning.

The program review process and recommendations are part of the state’s efforts to help public schools comply with the 2022 Virginia Literacy Act (VLA), which addresses the significant decline in literacy among students in grades 3-8. The 2022-23 Virginia Assessment Results revealed more than half of students in that grade range either failed or are at risk of failing their reading SOL exam.

The VLA stipulates that “each local school board shall provide a program of literacy instruction that is aligned with science-based reading research and provides evidenced-based literacy instruction to students in kindergarten through grade 8.” In accordance with that mandate, the state review process examined materials for core instruction, supplemental instruction, and interventions.

Core5 is a science of reading-based adaptive blended learning program that provides elementary school students with personalized learning paths. The research-proven program met the required parameters for recommendation as a K-5 intervention program in the following components:

● Phonological And Phonemic Awareness
● Phonics
● Fluency
● Vocabulary
● Comprehension

The VDOE also recommended Core5 as a supplemental program in the following components:

● Phonological and phonemic awareness for grades K-1
● Phonics for grades K-5
● Fluency for grades 1-5
● Vocabulary for grades K-5
● Comprehension for grades K-5

This is not the first time the VDOE has named Core5 as an instructional resource for teachers. Earlier this year, the program became a resource for grades 3-5 in schools participating in the state’s ALL in Tutoring reading initiative. Lexia assists those schools with planning, rostering, professional learning sessions, and ongoing support for division and school leaders, educators, tutors, and parents.

“We were working with school divisions within Virginia even before the tutoring initiative,” said Lexia President, Nick Gaehde. “These new recommendations are based on Core5’s proven record of accelerating the foundational and advanced literacy skills for elementary students of all abilities—from at-risk to on-level and advanced. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to support even more Virginia teachers and their students.”

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