Vicki Lyons, Chief Alliance Officer of Diamond Assets

Vicki is the Chief Alliance Officer at Diamond Assets. Previously, she served Wisconsin school districts as a director of technology retiring from the La Crosse School District in La Crosse, WI. She has always worked to provide technology based on the needs of the end-user ensuring that equity and accessibility was at the forefront of decision-making. Working at Diamond Assets she builds partnerships with educational organizations and businesses that complement Diamond Assets’ service to schools.

Diamond Assets LLC is a trusted national asset management company that specializes in Apple hardware buy-back services. We are the leader in the Apple hardware market since beginning our business in 2015.

We bring free consultation to school districts to review their current fleet of Apple hardware giving them an idea of the residual value of that equipment to complement their existing budgets. We provide them with current and multi-year information that helps them address the sustainability of technology for students within their budgets ensuring an equitable technology learning environment for each and every student.

We offer schools aggressive pricing and exceptional zero-touch service — fast, secure pick-up; detailed inventory and evaluation of devices; certified, secure data erasure; a thorough reconciliation review; and prompt payment so they can get on with their work.

One of the biggest struggles for educators can be securing technology resources with the latest tools and capabilities that serve students with their individual needs. Many times, due to tight budget planning, educators have devices that were purchased over multiple years or were purchased with special grant dollars. Both of these scenarios make it difficult for educators to facilitate an equitable learning environment and causes great concern in classrooms for management and use of appropriate tools. Using a multi-year refresh model utilizing the high residual value of their Apple hardware allows school districts to have management systems and tools in place ensuring the end-user can count on the hardware they are using.

Most administrators find that when they include buy-back planning, they move quickly to a 1:1 implementation of Apple devices with a financial ROI allowing them to purchase equipment so that every student has the opportunity to create and produce products that demonstrate their learning.

Data privacy and helping schools achieve equity and accessibility are of the highest priority for us. Schools are doing their utmost to ensure data privacy as students and staff use appropriate technology for communication and storage of data. When a school decides to sell their Apple hardware, we ensure that no hardware leaves us with any data through complete erasure and removal of all identifiers including engravings, stickers, or physical indicators of who used or owned that hardware. We partner with environmentally and secure certified recyclers, when necessary, ensuring they hold to our data privacy standards as well.

Our business development team that works directly with schools has over 62 years of education experience as teacher, technology director, systems engineer, and administrator. We do understand the struggles of teachers, administrators, school boards, technical staff, and communities in providing an equitable technology environment for ALL students. Because of this experience, we are able to consult and provide many planning solutions that ensure equity is at the top of the list. Accessibility for every student means that hardware and apps must be powerful, flexible, work online and offline and have capabilities for a variety of voice, visual, and physical uses. Students need to be able to create and produce solutions to complicated problems and enhance our world through art and music. Providing devices that do not have that flexibility means that schools are trying to meet an ‘average’ student’s perceived needs. We believe there is no average, only individuals that need and use technology in ways that support their learning in personal and effective ways. Schools using their Apple residual value effectively will meet individual student needs with powerful and innovative technology.

We are proud that we help schools refresh their Apple technology using their current devices’ residual value and provide strategies for planning that result in schools being able to use their budget in support of students. Our concern for data privacy goes directly to that support so schools are confident that when they sell their equipment, student and staff data is erased. In partnering with schools for the current and future multi-year Apple hardware refreshes, we see the result of their work in providing each and every student and staff member the technology needed for success.

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