VHS Learning’s New Flexible Courses Expand Student Options for Online Course Enrollment

VHS Learning

Scheduling flexibility is frequently cited by students and teachers as a major benefit of working with VHS Learning’s asynchronous online courses. Starting in August, students will be able to take advantage of an even more flexibly paced course format.

The new Flexible course model will be available for 16 courses beginning in the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Algebra 1 Flexible
  • AP® Calculus AB Flexible
  • AP® Calculus BC Flexible
  • AP® Computer Science Principles Flexible
  • AP® Environmental Science Flexible
  • AP® Macroeconomics Flexible
  • AP® Microeconomics Flexible
  • AP® Music Theory Flexible
  • AP® Physics 1 Flexible
  • AP® Spanish Language and Culture Flexible
  • AP® Statistics Flexible
  • AP® United States Government Flexible
  • AP® United States History Flexible
  • English 9 Flexible
  • English 11 Flexible
  • Spanish 1 Flexible

Each Flexible course is self-paced, and teacher led. Courses begin on the first of every month from August through February (August through December for AP® courses). The courses will end at the completion of the school year, so later enrollees will progress through course material at a faster pace.

“We specifically designed these courses for students who wish to have more flexibility in their academic schedule,” said Carol DeFuria, President & CEO of VHS Learning. “Some students would like to enroll in a course after the beginning of the traditional fall semester start. Now, whether they’re working toward academic goals, career goals, or they simply want to explore a new interest, our Flexible courses give them more choice regarding when they embark on learning.”

“As in all our courses, students taking Flexible courses will receive significant teacher support. VHS Learning teachers interact with students in asynchronous discussions, host weekly office hours, and invite students to monthly one-on-one progress meetings,” DeFuria continued. “This new course model is part of our mission to empower schools with the industry’s best teacher-led online learning programs and provide students with an expansive choice of courses that prepare them for college, careers, and beyond.”

VHS Learning has a 25-year reputation for educational quality, including rigorous professional development for the certified teachers who provide course instruction. All VHS Learning teachers complete graduate-level Online Teaching Methodologies (OTM) training to learn best practices for online teaching and learning, and 81% of VHS Learning teachers possess a master’s degree or higher. The nonprofit’s vision is to prepare students for college, careers, and life and well-trained teachers are an essential part of the equation.

For more information about VHS Learning please visit  and follow on Twitter at @VHSLearning.

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