VHS Learning Students Earn Gold & Silver Medals on the 2022 National Latin Exam

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Two VHS Learning students earned top honors on the 2022 National Latin Exam (NLE), with one achieving a perfect score and earning a gold medal. Both students took VHS Learning’s Advanced Placement® Latin course, which is the equivalent of a first semester college Latin course.

The NLE is a test given annually to Latin students across the United States and around the world. The NLE was taken by more than 100,000 students in 2022.

On the Advanced Latin Reading Comprehension exam, one VHS Learning student answered 40 of 40 questions correctly, earning a gold medal and a summa cum laude certificate. On the Advanced Latin Poetry exam, another VHS Learning student received a silver medal and a maxima cum laude certificate.

The NLE awards are based upon the annual, national average for each separate exam. The gold medal and summa cum laude certificate are awarded to top scorers. The silver medal and maxima cum laude certificate are awarded to second-place winners.

“I am so very proud of our AP® Latin students who, in the midst of a rigorous AP® Latin curriculum, took the time to prepare and excelled on this prestigious National Latin exam,” said Marilee Osier, VHS Learning’s subject matter expert and instructor for Latin. “This proves that students enrolled in the VHS Learning online Latin program—from Latin I through AP® Latin—are successful and highly competitive nationally!”

“VHS Learning students who take the National Latin Exam consistently win awards, which speaks to the quality of our curriculum and instructors, and the dedication of our students,” President & CEO of VHS Learning Carol DeFuria, said. “We congratulate each of these students on their diligence throughout the school year, and their remarkable achievements on this national exam.”

VHS Learning’s AP® Latin curriculum is designed to provide advanced high school students with a Latin course that hones the skills needed to read, understand, translate, analyze, and appreciate the richness of Latin poetry and prose. The full-year course is offered in the fall.

VHS Learning partners with all types of schools — urban, rural, public, and private — to expand their programs of study and offer instructor-led courses that might not otherwise be offered. The nonprofit’s emphasis is on small class sizes, certified teachers, and flexible scheduling, with coursework that is accessible anywhere students have internet access.

Course enrollment for fall 2022 is now open at:

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