VHS Learning Reveals New Commitment to CSforALL Movement

VHS Learning

For 6 years, VHS Learning has supported CSforALL by expanding student access to computer science education

At the 2022 CSforALL Summit, VHS Learning announced its plans to further expand student access to computer science education. The nonprofit revealed that it will offer free online computer science courses to fifty high school students in rural or underserved high schools. The nonprofit has also created a new beginner’s course on Python, one of the fastest growing computer programming languages.

A total of 180 organizations, up from 136 last year, disclosed commitments during the CSforALL summit, which took place October 19-21, 2022, in Memphis, Tennessee. CSforALL commitments are new, specific, and measurable actions aimed at advancing the goal of rigorous and inclusive computer science education for all U.S. youth. The commitments grow support and momentum for a sustainable K-12 computer science education system in and out of school. VHS Learning has been making annual commitments since the inception of the national CSforALL movement.

In addition to free enrollment in VHS Learning online computer science courses, sponsored students will receive all necessary course materials, and a student orientation. All VHS Learning’s computer science courses are led by teachers certified in their subject area.

Computer science courses in VHS Learning’s high school course catalog include:

  • AP® Computer Science A
  • AP® Computer Science Principles
  • Architectural CAD
  • Creative Programming with Scratch
  • Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to Computer Science Principles
  • Java Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Video Game Design
  • Web Design

Python Programming is a new addition to the VHS Learning course catalog. Students will explore two integrated development environments (IDEs), Replit and EarSketch, as they learn fundamental Python programming concepts, principles, and skills. As a final project, students will use their newly-acquired skills to develop a custom application in an area of interest.

“As with all VHS Learning computer science courses, our new Python Programming course uses engaging and creative activities to make learning fun,” said Carol DeFuria, President & CEO of VHS Learning. “This course and our sponsorship of student enrollments are the latest in our nonprofit’s annual commitment to the CSforALL movement. We believe all students should have access to computer science education, regardless of their geographic location or economic circumstances. It is our honor to be part of the movement to help ensure high school students have equitable access to great CS courses.” 

For more information about VHS Learning please visit  and follow on Twitter at @VHSLearning.

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