VHS Learning Releases Five Year Strategic Plan for Online Education

Nonprofit education provider identifies key areas of focus and measures of achievement to meet the changing needs of schools and students

VHS Learning, a nonprofit organization providing supplemental online classes to high schools and students, has published its Five Year Strategic Plan. The plan outlines the nonprofit’s strategic objectives from 2024 to 2029, as well as its core beliefs and commitments to students, unique offerings, and measures of success.

“All students deserve equal access to quality educational choices, but not every high school is able to provide the courses each student needs to reach their fullest potential,” said President & CEO of VHS Learning Carol DeFuria. “For almost three decades, our accredited program has provided flexible, unique online courses that have transformed students’ lives. As we look toward the future, we are committed to growing and adapting our program to meet the changing needs of students and schools.”

VHS Learning’s key areas of focus over the next five years include:

  • Providing quality course experiences,
  • Utilizing best practices resulting in strong academic achievement,
  • Increasing program usage and satisfaction, and
  • Streamlining efficiency and maintaining a strong financial position.

To monitor success, each strategic objective includes specific measures of achievement. In addition, VHS Learning will continue to track internal and external measures related to student and organizational performance to ensure that it is meeting the goals and the needs of the schools, faculty, and students utilizing its programs and services.

“Continuous improvement is vital for an organization that has provided online learning services to schools since the industry’s inception,” said DeFuria. “Our 91% retention rate with schools, coupled with students’ 91% pass rate, shows that our customers are finding great success with our program. We look forward to expanding our collaborations with students and schools around the world to gain fresh insights and perspectives that will help all of us continue to thrive.”

To download a copy of the VHS Learning Five Year Strategic Plan, please visit

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