VHS Learning Opens 2022 Summer School Registration

VHS Learning

VHS Learning has opened registration for its summer 2022 courses. The summer program begins June 15 and offers more than 30 online high school courses for credit recovery and enrichment. Courses are either eight weeks or four weeks long and are instructor-led and include NCAA-approved options. Eight-week courses begin on June 15. Four-week courses are offered in two sessions. The first series of four-week courses starts June 15. The second series begins July 18.

The summer program offers core math, science, social science, history and English courses as well as a variety of electives for enrichment topics such as CAD, college planning skills, cybersecurity, and writing college application essays. In summer 2022, for the first time, Spanish 1 will also be offered. Students in grades 7-12 are eligible to enroll in the summer courses.

“Summer is the perfect time for students to recover credits required for graduation or explore subjects that can help them discover future careers,” said Carol DeFuria, President & CEO of VHS Learning. “One advantage of the asynchronous courses offered by VHS Learning is that students can complete their work at whatever time, day or night, that suits them. This flexibility enables students to meet work and other summer commitments while achieving their academic goals.”

VHS Learning has a 25-year reputation for educational quality. Summer courses are taught by certified high school teachers and 81% of VHS Learning teachers possess a master’s degree or higher.

VHS Learning course design and delivery standards were the model used by the National Education Association (NEA) when they created the first standards for online learning, and in 2019, in collaboration with the international nonprofit Quality Matters, VHS Learning helped update the National Standards for Quality (NSQ) in three areas: Online Courses, Online Teaching, and Online Programs.

“Our program is well-established as a quality leader in the online education industry,” DeFuria continued. “For more than 15 years we’ve offered summer options to high schools nationwide, and this summer, once again the teachers and staff at VHS Learning are looking forward to helping students earn credit and stay on track.”

For more information about VHS Learning please visit and follow them on Twitter at @VHSLearning.

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