VHS Learning Introduces Python Programming Course for Fall 2022

VHS Learning

Many high school students are eager to jump into computer programming, and Python is one of the world’s fastest-growing programming languages. To help students learn fundamental programming concepts and skills — and build a strong foundation for the future — VHS Learning will offer a new Python Programming course beginning fall 2022.

Python Programming introduces Python as a beginning computer science course. It provides an opportunity for students to learn and practice coding in an online environment with engaging, creative, and fun activities. The 15-week course, which will be offered in the fall and the spring,  includes video content, discussion, practice labs, games, digital products, and projects.

Python Programming is one of more than 300 unique online high school courses available through VHS Learning for the 2022-23 school year. In addition to Python, VHS Learning offers introductory programming courses on Java and Scratch as part of its Computer Science and Technology discipline. These unique for-credit course options give students the chance to explore subjects beyond those in a standard core high school curriculum and begin preparing for college and careers. VHS Learning courses are open to all high school students; students taking the courses for high school credit receive a transcript and credits can be used to meet high school graduation requirements, subject to local school approval.

“Part of our ongoing mission is to make computer science education more accessible to all students, which is why we’re so excited to offer the new Python Programming course,” said Carol DeFuria, President & CEO of VHS Learning. “Python is user-friendly and fun to learn, even for beginners with no prior programming experience. In addition to learning the basics of this versatile, powerful programming language, students get to write code, design programs, engage in thoughtful discussions, and have fun along the way.”

Course enrollment for fall 2022 is now open at:

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