VHS Learning Celebrates Education Partners of 15+ Years

VHS Learning

Depth of offerings and high pass rates brings schools and districts back year-after-year

Many educational institutions that partner with VHS Learning are so pleased with the nonprofit’s quality of online education that they remain partners for years. But five organizations stand out for the impressive lengths of their partnerships – nearly two decades.

These longtime partners include:

The Cape Cod Collaborative in Osterville, Massachusetts, first chose VHS Learning as a partner in 2002. Together, the two organizations supplement the high school curriculums in Cape Cod Collaborative’s 19 member districts with VHS Learning’s more than 250 online courses.

The Connecticut Consortium in Hartford, Connecticut, first became a VHS Learning partner in 2003. While the consortium primarily works with institutions of higher education, it also makes VHS Learning’s online courses available to more than 600 high school students in the state of Connecticut.

Falmouth High School in Falmouth, Maine, first joined VHS Learning’s network of partners in 2005. The school serves approximately 680 students and is ranked third in the state.

The Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative (LPVEC) in West Springfield, Massachusetts, has utilized VHS Learning’s program since 2004. LPVEC is a legal partnership of seven school districts in western Massachusetts, but many of its offerings are open to other districts and municipalities to help them save money and expand capacity.

Woodstock Union High School and Middle School in Woodstock, Vermont first became a VHS Learning partner in 2006. The high school serves students from six surrounding towns and has been recognized for excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.

VHS Learning currently provides educational equity to students in 63 countries and 50 US states. Its more than 250 unique online courses include 24 AP® offerings, innovative STEM and humanities programs, and a wide variety of unique electives.The teachers who provide instruction for VHS Learning courses are high school certified in their subject areas and 81% possessing a master’s degree or higher.

“At VHS Learning, we empower schools with the industry’s best teacher-led online learning programs,” said Carol DeFuria, President & CEO of VHS Learning. “It’s extremely gratifying to have educational organizations utilize our program for so long because it affirms that we’re helping them achieve their missions. Our heartfelt thanks to these organizations for being such dedicated partners; we look forward to serving and supporting these schools and their students for many years to come.”

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