Vernier Software & Technology Publishes E-book to Support Middle School Students in Exploration of Climate & Weather

Vernier Software & Technology recently published the new Climate and Meteorology Experiments e-book to engage middle school students in the use of data-collection technology as they explore weather, climate, and other important Earth science topics. Climate and Meteorology Experiments includes 11 interactive investigations utilizing wireless Vernier sensors such as the Go Direct® Light and Color Sensor, Go Direct Surface Temperature Sensor, and Go Direct Weather System, as well as the Vernier Graphical Analysis™ app.

“Weather and climate are two things that impact everybody each and every day,” said John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Software & Technology. “By tying in real-world topics like the weather with hands-on data collection, our new Climate and Meteorology Experiments e-book helps students stay actively engaged in the learning process as they test new concepts and make important scientific connections.”

Example investigations in Climate and Meteorology Experiments include Modeling Solar Insolation, Exploring the Greenhouse Effect, Effect of Air Temperature on Humidity, Measuring Wind Chill, and Formation of Clouds. All of the investigations provide an introduction of the topic being covered, outline the learning objectives, and utilize at least one Vernier wireless sensor that can be used with any mobile device, Chromebook™, or computer.

A purchase of the Climate and Meteorology Experiments e-book provides educators with electronic access to the most current, editable versions of the experiments that they can tailor to match their teaching styles and their students. The new e-book also includes helpful teaching tips, important discussion points, sample data and graphs, and detailed instructions for collecting data using the Vernier Graphical Analysis app.

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