Vernier Software & Technology is now Vernier Science Education

Vernier Software & Technology has changed its name to Vernier Science Education. This new name reflects the company’s commitment to provide educators with the tools they need to engage all students with hands-on, socially relevant STEM education and build a STEM-literate society.

“For more than 40 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing holistic, high-quality, and reliable solutions for STEM classrooms,” said CEO John Wheeler. “We’ve always been more than a software and technology company—we’re a science education company with a deep commitment to being an authentic partner to educators.”

“With this name change, we want to make it clear that we’re dedicated to using our experience in science education to partner with educators and communities to develop the next generation of knowledgeable citizens who can solve problems, contribute to their communities, and drive innovation.”

Vernier Science Education is making a commitment to building a STEM-literate society at a crucial time:

To support educators in engaging students in STEM learning, Vernier offers comprehensive science education solutions, which include hardware, software, content, professional development, technical support, and (in the near future) assessments. The company is also building Vernier Connections™, an innovative online platform that helps deepen student understanding of STEM concepts.

Launching in 2023, Vernier Connections brings together enhanced Vernier experiments; hands-on data collection and analysis using Vernier probeware; and newly developed, socially relevant, real-world learning experiences. STEM educators can customize content to meet the unique learning needs of their students, create and share experiments, assign work, and determine student comprehension through assessments.

“For students to feel that they are authentically engaged in learning, STEM education must reflect their cultural and lived experiences,” Wheeler said. “Vernier Connections gives students the ability to study the world in their own context, collect and analyze data as they investigate natural phenomena, and take part in experiential and three-dimensional STEM learning.”

Vernier Connections is the heart of the Vernier STEM Classroom—an integrated approach to using the full catalog of Vernier hardware, software, content, assessment, and professional development to make a high-quality STEM education possible for all students.

To learn more about Vernier Science Education and the Vernier STEM Classroom, visit

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