Vernier Science Education Launches New Grant Program to Support Educators in Fostering STEM Literacy with Students

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting STEM educators and promoting hands-on science learning in classrooms nationwide, Vernier Science Education is launching a new grant program for K–12 and college educators. The 2022 Vernier Science Education Inspiration Grants will award 10 grantees each with $1,000 worth of Vernier technology of their choosing, an annual license for Vernier Graphical Analysis™ Pro, and three hours of virtual professional development to further support their teaching.


“Educators play a pivotal role in inspiring scientific curiosity and fostering STEM literacy in students,” said John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Science Education. “To support these efforts, this new grant program will recognize innovative educators who are engaging—or seeking to engage—their students in hands-on, socially relevant STEM learning through the creative use of our technology.”


The grants are open to all K–12 and college educators who are actively teaching at an educational institution in the United States and who have not previously won a grant from Vernier. As part of the application process, educators must describe how they will implement the $1,000 worth of Vernier technology in their classroom or laboratory, their educational institution’s needs, and how the funding will enhance their instruction and engage students.


Grantees will be selected by a panel of fellow educators and Vernier employees.


All applications are due by November 30, 2022. Grantees will be announced December 12, 2022.


To learn more about the 2022 Vernier Science Education Inspiration Grants and apply, visit


About Vernier Science Education

For more than 40 years, Vernier Science Education has been committed to using our experience, knowledge, and passion to create the best and most reliable solutions for STEM education. Our comprehensive solutions include hardware, software, content, assessment, professional development, and technical support. At the heart of Vernier is our deep commitment to being an authentic and trusted partner to STEM educators. We are dedicated to partnering with educators and communities to build a STEM-literate society where students grow up to become knowledgeable citizens who can solve problems, fully contribute to their communities, and drive innovation. For more information, visit

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