UWorld Roger CPA Review Integrates Spaced Repetition Technology for Improved Long-Term Retention

The new features leverage the empirically verified benefits of learning over time to develop strong neural connections, enabling focused, efficient study sessions

UWorld Roger CPA Review, a division of UWorld, a leader in online learning tools, has integrated spaced repetition technology into its digital flashcards, available in the company’s CPA Exam prep products at no additional cost. Using spaced repetition, an evidence-based learning technique proven to improve retention of information, students can master the most heavily tested CPA Exam topics and be confident on exam day.

The new feature presents newer or more difficult flashcards to students more frequently, and easier and more familiar cards come up less often, enabling students to focus more time on their weakest areas until they reach mastery. Research has demonstrated that people learn more effectively when learning is spread out over time, allowing them to strengthen neural connections naturally. The improved digital flashcards take advantage of this effect to ensure long-term retention and recall in an efficient study session.

“Students need innovative and robust learning products to help them prepare for the technology-driven demands of the accounting profession today and into the future,” said UWorld Roger CPA Review’s COO Kristin Lynes. “The inclusion of spaced repetition technology will not only ensure they pass on their first try but will enhance students’ retention of the critical knowledge and skills that will help them advance in their career.”

UWorld Roger CPA Review prepares students for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam with products based on the tenets of intellectual rigor, self-pacing, and immediate feedback on progress. Key features include:

  • Access to time-saving technology and high-quality content including question banks, full-length practice tests, video lectures, and digital textbooks;
  • Challenging practice questions with the most comprehensive and understandable answer explanations to help students learn concepts; and
  • SmartPath Predictive Technology™, a self-assessment tool that uses data from previous successful students to help current students determine if they’re on track to pass the exam

UWorld Roger CPA Review’s efficient and enjoyable approach to studying empowers students to master difficult concepts while managing their time. More information about UWorld Roger CPA Review Digital Flashcards and spaced repetition is available here.

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