Upcoming Webinars Help Districts Plan for a Safe Opening Amid COVID-19

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Flinn Scientific, a flagship provider of science lab materials and safety and STEM solutions for the K-16 education market, is offering new webinars this month and next to help district leaders and science educators plan for a safe start to this coming school year. As part of the extended Professional Learning Summer Webinar Series, the free webinars provide timely facts and information about reopening schools and facilitating student instruction in a safe format, regardless of the learning model.

“Our latest webinars cover a myriad of topics rooted in school, staff, and student safety which is a primary concern for educators as districts across the country are in the midst of preparing for this coming school year,” said Michael Lavelle, CEO of Flinn Scientific. “The webinars will cover timely expert information and recommendations that district leaders and science educators can use as they continue their planning.”

The webinars curate the top recommendations from recognized leaders in education, safety, and protection worldwide to help education leaders understand effective safety measures, processes, and protocols, as well as to help them shape their own data-driven plans for the coming school year. Each webinar is an hour long.

For district leaders, the topic is:

  • Guidance to Safe School Re-entry (Part C): Will cover the results from the recent OECD COVID-19 survey of countries around the world with specific direction into the re-opening guidance for school districts in North America based on the results of best practices and multi-disciplinary insights.

For science educators, topics include:

  • How to Teach Science in a COVID-19 Environment (Part 1): Will cover benefits to re-opening schools, planning for the continuity of learning, synchronous and asynchronous learning, instructional education models and considerations, what teaching science will look like now, managing the socio-emotional traumatic impact, and more.
  • How to Teach Science in a COVID-19 Environment (Part 2): Will discuss a new Flinn-created framework curated from various educational and health authorities that provides guidance on teaching science and STEM. It will also cover topics including re-opening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, considerations for safe-school opening, hygiene and PPE considerations, sanitizing and disinfection, teaching suggestions, safely offering science/STEM programs remotely, preventative measures to take in different in-person learning environments, science department order planning, and more.
  • Prep Room Concerns from a Prolonged School Closure: Will cover common concerns and remedies for safely handling and reopening science prep areas and chemical storerooms.

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Flinn Scientific supports STEM/STEAM educators in opening young minds to the challenges and joys of scientific discovery and the design thinking process. The leader in science education and lab supplies and safety, Flinn Scientific also provides learning systems and professional development that incorporate differentiated digital experiences with hands-on learning grounded in the real-world to help all students think critically, explore like scientists and engineers, and solve problems creatively so they are ready for college and careers in an increasingly technology-driven world.

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