Upcoming Webinar Helps District Leaders Support Women Working in School Organizations

Supporting Women in School Organizations: Lessons from the Private Sector

Former superintendent and education business executive discuss how districts can support, retain, and develop women leaders by creating working environments where they can thrive.

Women make up 77 percent of the workforce in public education, yet 73 percent of superintendents are men. The upcoming webinar Supporting Women in School Organizations: Lessons from the Private Sector on Thursday, May 6 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT will address how district leaders can create better working environments to develop and promote the women on their teams.

Kate Eberle Walker, PresenceLearning CEO and author of The Good Boss: 9 Ways Every Manager Can Support Women at Work, and will be interviewed by Dr. Robert Avossa, former superintendent of the School District of Palm Beach County and Fulton County Schools, to discuss how leaders — men and women alike — can support women in education.

During the webinar, Eberle Walker will share the lessons from her book and Avossa will reflect on how to apply them to education organizations. Participants will walk away with practical advice including how to:

  • Develop and promote more female leaders
  • Create working environments that promote inclusivity
  • Bring women back to the workforce post-COVID

“When I first read The Good Boss it immediately struck me as important and necessary for school leaders. I wish I had this perspective and advice when I was a superintendent, and I’m excited to help bring these lessons to educators in this session,” said Dr. Avossa.

“I wrote this book to teach managers how to proactively support the women who work for them. The majority of managers are men, yet too often they tune out, thinking a book about women at work isn’t relevant for them,” said Eberle Walker. “So I was genuinely excited when Dr. Avossa approached me to share how much he had learned from the book and how it could help other school leaders be more aware of the experiences of women.”

To attend the upcoming webinar, register here.

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