Twig Science Oklahoma Approved for Statewide Use

Twig Education

Featuring three-dimensional, investigation-driven adventures exploring real-world and local phenomena, the Pre-K–5 program encourages students to take on STEAM roles and become creative problem-solvers.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has adopted Twig Science Oklahoma, a complete Pre-K–5 curriculum from leading education multimedia company Twig Education, making it available for purchase statewide.

Twig Science Oklahoma is aligned to the newly introduced Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science (OASS). What differentiates it from other OASS programs is how it transforms the standards into immersive, investigative journeys in which students take on real-life STEAM roles—from astronomers and ecologists to roller-coaster designers—to make sense of phenomena and design, build, and test solutions to engineering challenges.

The approach to learning in Twig Science Oklahoma through the OASS represents a shift away from traditional science instruction to multimodal, three-dimensional practices that better represent how science and engineering are performed in the 21st century, with students constructing models, engaging in arguments, and taking part in video and digital investigations, as well as doing hands-on lab work. This three-dimensional approach to learning for Generation Z students helps to foster inclusiveness and prepare students for the realities of college, careers, and trades.

Theater-quality video and digital interactives throughout Twig Science Oklahoma engage Generation Z students, while teachers and students have access to high-quality print and digital materials to guide them through the program. Equipment and materials to carry out activities are included in replenishable hands-on science kits. The assessment system has been developed with the SCALE team at Stanford University and prepares students for state science assessment.

In a time when teachers have had to adapt to hybrid, synchronous, and/or asynchronous learning environments, Twig Distance Learning (included with Twig Science Oklahoma) offers flexibility via on-demand Twig Coach lessons and Video Labs, which allow students to experience standards-based lessons and hands-on science wherever they are.

“We believe that children are natural explorers and experimenters who only need learning opportunities and encouragement to grow into problem-solvers and scientists,” said Catherine Cahn, CEO of Twig Education. “We’re honored for the opportunity to partner with teachers across Oklahoma as they implement these exciting and challenging new standards and prepare their students for the future.”

Features of Twig Science Oklahoma include:

  • An easy-to-use digital platform that can be used standalone or with existing learning management systems;
  • Video and imagery from world-renowned sources;
  • A range of support and bite-size professional learning tools for teachers;
  • Built-in special needs and English learner support;
  • Cross-curricular integration with English Language Arts standards and Oklahoma reading programs, WIDA, and Math standards;
  • Comprehensive Spanish-language resources; and
  • Tools designed to support student agency and voice and promote inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Educators and schools can get started using the curriculum by visiting Twig Science Oklahoma.

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