Turnitin Academic Integrity Resources – a Free Collection of eBooks on Academic Integrity

Turnitin has released a set of three eBooks about academic integrity helping educators to uphold and address academic integrity at their institutions. The books are organized by theme so they can be quickly consulted on specific topics or can be read in their entirety to learn about the latest threats to integrity, the new technologies to protect academic integrity, and proven teaching practices supporting a culture where learning and equal opportunity thrive.

The three books in the series include:

  • Back to Basics: Everything you need to know about academic integrity – Learn how to establish a culture of academic integrity where students thrive. Read “Back to Basics” for techniques on how to implement integrity policies, how to turn assessment into learning opportunities, and best practices that further teaching efficacy.
  • Emerging trends in academic integrity – Learn about the newest technology and trends threatening academic integrity and equal learning opportunities for all students. Emerging Trends also explores new technology in remote assessments that not only support integrity but that also inform instruction.
  • Academic integrity essentials – Learn how to discern between plagiarism and contract cheating and other forms of misconduct. This eBook explains the why’s behind having clearly stated honor codes and it advises on how to foster individual accountability and self-motivation among students.

All eBooks can be downloaded for free from

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