Troxell-CDI Rebrands with New Name: Trox

Troxell-CDI Rebrands with New Name: Trox

Phoenix, AZ – February 17, 2020 – Since uniting in July of 2019, CDI Technologies and Troxell Solutions have flourished as Troxell-CDI.  The two visionary EdTech leaders successfully combined to form a dynamic thought leader, devoted to helping educators improve learning outcomes, and are positioned to lead the industry with substantial growth in 2020 and beyond.  To celebrate the company’s broader national presence and deeper commitment to the EdTech community, it is renaming as Trox.

“Education is our passion,” says Trox CEO Erez Pikar. “We wanted a new name that was fresh and direct while leveraging our heritage as an education leader. Trox reinforces our connection to the EdTech Ecosystem, which we bring to educators like no one else can. This enables us to provide an unmatched selection of the right products and services so educators can make their technology investments go further in today’s complex and ever-changing climate.”

“While education technology has changed dramatically over the past ten years,” says Pikar, “our promise has never changed. We are committed to delivering the right solutions, exceptional service, and support you can trust from the most dependable experts in the education technology field.”

The company lives to help educators engage curious minds and works together with them to create an exciting atmosphere which inspires and motivates young minds for life-long learning. They do this by “Igniting Curiosity” – as exemplified in their new tag line. Watch the Trox Branding Story video here.

Trox (formerly Troxell-CDI) was created from the combination of two EdTech leaders, CDI Technologies and Troxell Solutions. Trox is now the nation’s leading end-to-end education technology solution provider and serves more than 27 million students across North America each year. The company brings the EdTech Ecosystem to its customers – giving them access to an unmatched selection of products and services.  With consultative sales specialists across all 50 states and Canada, Trox helps customers simplify purchasing, deployment, and lifecycle management of complex solutions and offers industry-leading warranties and customer support.