TouchMath Standards Edition and DySc Receive Top Honors in EdTech Awards 2024

TouchMath receives prestigious awards for its commitment to inclusive education with research-backed solutions

TouchMath, a multisensory math program that makes learning crucial mathematical concepts accessible and clear for students who struggle to understand grade-level content, announces TouchMath Standards Edition and the DySc are winners in their respective categories in the EdTech Awards 2024. Presented by EdTech Digest, The EdTech Awards is an annual compendium of professionals and organizations transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

“At TouchMath, we’re not just designing products; we are crafting solutions that unlock the potential of every learner,” said Sean Lockwood, Chief Executive Officer at TouchMath. “Winning top honors at the EdTech Awards 2024 is not just an acknowledgment of our efforts but a validation of our commitment to redefining math education. We believe that every student deserves access to quality education regardless of their challenges, and these awards reinforce our resolve to make that a reality.”

DySc was celebrated as the winner of the EdTech Trendsetter Awards 2024 for Product or Service Setting a Trend, setting a new standard in dynamic student-centered, real-time screening for dyscalculia.

“Receiving this prestigious award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to inclusive education,” said Dr. Sandra Elliott, Chief Academic Officer at TouchMath. “Between 3% and 7% of students worldwide grapple with dyscalculia, hindering their academic journey. Our innovative solution, DySc, epitomizes our dedication to empowering every learner, irrespective of their challenges. By providing intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive dyscalculia screening, we accelerate the diagnostic process, enabling tailored support strategies.”

TouchMath Standards Edition emerged as the Winner of the EdTech Cool Tool Awards 2024 in the Math Solution category, triumphing over a field of formidable competition. It offers a curriculum that masterfully integrates multisensory learning with specialized resources to enhance mathematical understanding and engagement.

Dr. Chelsi Brosh, Vice President of Product Innovation at TouchMath, commented, “Mathematics is not just about numbers; it’s about understanding and engagement. With TouchMath Standards Edition, we’re revolutionizing mathematical education by incorporating a research-based approach that ensures accessibility and meaningful learning experiences for all students.”

TouchMath Standards Edition and DySc were judged based on various criteria, including pedagogical workability, efficacy and results, support, clarity, value, and potential.

“Warm and hearty congratulations to all The EdTech Awards 2024 finalists and winners—very, very well done! The barriers education technology leaders have overcome in the last few years to make it to where they are today — well, that’s a cause for celebration!” said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the program.

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