TouchMath Named a Finalist in Two Categories for the 2023 Supes’ Choice Awards

Institute for Education Innovation’s annual awards program highlights TouchMath’s effectiveness in empowering all students in mathematics

TouchMath, a multisensory math program that makes learning crucial mathematical concepts accessible and clear for students who struggle to understand grade-level content, announces TouchMath was named a finalist in two categories for the Supes’ Choice Awards. TouchMath was named a finalist in the “Excellence for Special Education” and “Math Instructional Solution” categories.

Created by the Institute for Education Innovation, a national superintendent think tank that serves as a bridge between school district leaders and the K–12 space to develop solutions to solve the most challenging problems education leaders face, the annual Supes’ Choice Awards recognize innovative education products and solutions. The awards program is unique in the education industry because it’s exclusively judged by school district superintendents.

“When a student does not grasp an important concept or lesson in mathematics, it impacts their view of math and often leads to frustration and a student dismissing the subject,” said Sean Lockwood, Chief Executive Officer at TouchMath. “TouchMath empowers educators to personalize learning and provide the targeted interventions students need—providing the additional support to help students grow confident in their abilities and thrive.”

A powerful personalized learning solution for general education and special education student populations, TouchMath helps educators diagnose their students’ skill gaps in mathematics, screen for dyscalculia, set skill goals to support IEP implementations, reinforce important concepts and lessons based on individual needs, and scaffolds learning so students can learn each concept at their own pace with fidelity.

The judges chose the Supes’ Choice Awards finalists based on each solution’s demonstrated commitment to student outcomes, innovation and ingenuity, client support, interactivity and engagement.

“Our team recognizes the importance of mathematics, and we’re determined to help educators make critical concepts appealing and accessible to students,” added Dr. Chelsi Brosh, Vice President, Product Innovation at TouchMath. “We are honored that superintendents from all over the nation recognize the impact of TouchMath and the difference our solution makes in the lives of educators and students.”

The official winners will be revealed at the 2023 Supes’ Choice Awards Gala on Friday, December 8, 2023.

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