The Described and Captioned Media Program Helps Ensure Video Accessibility During Remote Learning

DCMP Remote Learning Resources

DCMP membership provides unlimited access to accessible educational videos and eLearning Resources for professional development and transition. Additionally, hundreds of videos are openly available to non-members. We’re fully funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and there are no costs associated with any of our services. Family members, school personnel, and other professionals who work with early learners through Grade 12 students with a hearing or vision loss do qualify for membership.

DCMP members can:

  • Access thousands of standards-aligned educational videos that are described and captioned.
  • View instantly on PC, Roku, Apple TV, tablets, smartphones, and iOS app.
  • Create and share Student Accounts for video assignments.
  • Access resources on education, accessibility, and advocacy in our Learning Center.
  • Earn CEUs with free eLearning Resources.

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