TeachingBooks and The Library Corporation Announce New Collaboration Offering Easy Access to Engaging PreK-12 Literature Resources

Mutual customers will be able to access complementary materials for children’s and young adult titles from their school library catalogs

Schools with a mission to enhance student reading success will be pleased with the latest integration announced today between TeachingBooks and The Library Corporation (TLC). The organizations collaborated to provide one-click access to a collection of book-specific resources designed to enrich the reading experience, directly from the school library catalog. Students and teachers using TLC’s LS2 PAC or LS2 Kids catalogs, within LibrarySolution for Schools, can now easily discover and instantly use TeachingBooks’ vast and affordable digital collection of resources that encourage engagement and connection to more than 90,000 books for children and young adults.

Learn more about this integration by visiting TeachingBooks in the ‘Sora by OverDrive’ booth #2040 and TLC booth #2154 at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) in Austin, Texas from February 3-7.

“As a librarian and mom, I can say that TeachingBooks is the perfect companion for learning more about my son’s favorite books and discovering new titles for him to read,” said Ashley Chassé, Product Marketing Manager and a subject matter expert on the integration within TLC’s LibrarySolution. “The time and care they take to create quality resources show just how passionate Nick Glass and his team at TeachingBooks are about kids and reading.”

With this new integration, TLC’s LibrarySolution catalog now automatically populates a “TeachingBooks” button on the left-hand side of title pages, allowing educators to click directly to dozens of resources for each specific book. Resources from TeachingBooks that are now accessible directly from the TLC catalog include video book trailers, read-along audiobook performances, Meet-the-Author introductions and interviews, Multi-Leveled Lessons, discussion and activity guides, and Audio Name Pronunciations of authors sharing how to say their name.

Nick Glass, Founder and Head of TeachingBooks, added, “TLC’s library catalogs for schools have always consistently showcased the beauty of books while making access and inquiry so easy. We are thrilled to build this collaboration to support our mutual school partners and increase access of our dynamic resources directly in their LibrarySolution catalog.”

TLC continues to expand its discovery layer capabilities by bringing another seamless integration to the LibrarySolution user base, one that provides access to a unique toolset which enhances the reading experience,” said Sam Brenizer, Director of Product Management, Schools at TLC. “I’m delighted to deliver this functionality and enable teachers and librarians to connect their students with wonderful resources that make the reading experience more engaging.”

Learn more information about TLC and TeachingBooks. To see a demonstration, please contact or visit TeachingBooks in the ‘Sora by OverDrive’ booth #2040 and TLC booth #2154 at TCEA.

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