Teaching Channel, Learners Edge, Insight ADVANCE, Join Forces to Provide Single Source for Educator Growth

The new Teaching Channel now offers a broad range of professional development resources to be a single source provider for districts, charter schools, and higher ed institutions 

Teaching Channel, a leading provider of online teacher education, today announced that it has joined forces with Learners Edge and Insight ADVANCE, to form the new Teaching Channel, becoming  educators’ single source for graduate-level courses, professional development, video coaching, and classroom resources.

Offering educators a transformative educational experience with a look and feel as vibrant as its community, the new Teaching Channel provides:

“Having already used their video coaching platform for six years, our district is excited about Insight ADVANCE and Teaching Channel coming together,” said Dr. Matthew Prusiecki, superintendent of Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township in Indiana. “As a supplement to our own library of exemplar videos, the Teaching Channel library provides thousands of classroom video resources to further support our teachers, lead teachers, and instructional coaches.” 

The more than 750,000 teachers who have used the Teaching Channel can now expect more videos and professional development resources, graduate level courses, and access to community and the opportunity to develop on their own terms. For administrators, the new Teaching Channel will support improved teacher induction and retention, improved data analysis, increased reach, and a stronger and healthier school and district culture.

Mike Smith, president of Teaching Channel, said, “As the education landscape continues to evolve, so do the needs of K-12 teachers and education leaders. The focus in all we do is to enable teachers to thrive and perform at their best in the classroom, so their students can, too. By unifying Teaching Channel, Insight ADVANCE, and Learners Edge, we are giving educators greater access to the unique, all-in-one solutions they are seeking to positively impact student achievement.”

“Video coaching is now a significant lever for professional learning throughout our school district,” added Prusiecki. “The return on investment for using this platform has been tremendous. The entire district team is more reflective on practice. We have increased teacher retention, and most importantly, raised student achievement by improving the quality of instruction.”

“Our team has spent years supporting teachers and instructional coaches through the use of video to improve their practice and coaching,” said Don Rescigno, managing director at Teaching Channel. “Teaching Channel now offers a platform that provides districts and higher education institutions with video-based self-reflection, peer feedback, informal and formal coaching tools, a content-rich exemplar library, professional learning activity and growth data, and observer calibration. Educators can expect hundreds of new videos during the 2023 school year as well.”

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