The Daily SEL Approach to Better Leadership & Learning

Equity and Access podcast

It’s time to prioritize the well-being of educators if we want to provide our students with the education they deserve.

With about 760,000 teachers leaving the profession each year in the U.S., the financial implications are staggering, and the impact on student learning is profound. Randy Weiner and Dr. James Bailey, the co-founders of the Daily SEL Leader, join us to talk about the cost of teacher attrition, as well as the indirect cost associated with stress and burnout.

Principals often feel like it would be selfish to invest in their own professional growth. In truth, it’s quite the opposite. Our guests also discuss the emotional and psychological toll that a lack of support takes on educators — and why school leaders need to develop their own SEL skills, not only for their well-being but also to create a supportive environment for their staff and students.

The American Consortium for Equity in Education, publisher of the "Equity & Access" journal, celebrates and connects the educators, associations, community partners and industry leaders who are working to solve problems and create a more equitable environment for historically underserved pre K-12 students throughout the United States.

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