Swing Education Partners with Outschool to Provide Job Opportunities for its Substitute Teachers during School Closures

Swing Education

Swing Education, a staffing application for substitute teachers, has partnered with Outschool to help provide its substitute teachers, who are currently seeing a downturn in demand due to school closures, with flexible job opportunities that take advantage of their teaching skills. Through the partnership, substitute teachers can sign up to teach as self-employed, independent educators, and offer live online classes which parents register their children in for a small fee. Outschool is also making classes free for families with limited disposable income in the wake of COVID-19.

“This partnership enables us to help Outschool fill its teacher pipeline with highly-qualified and vetted teachers so that students can keep learning while school is closed, while at the same time assisting our talented substitute teachers in finding work during these challenging times,” said Mike Teng, CEO of Swing Education. “Despite the circumstances, we believe this will be a win-win for all involved.”

Outschool, which is currently looking to add 5,000 teachers to meet a growing demand for online at-home learning, is an educational marketplace offering live online classes for students ages 3-18. Classes take place in small groups over video chat and are facilitated by independent teachers who create their own classes on topics they’re passionate about—from reading to the arts to science and more. The teachers control their hours, class format, and rates for their classes. All Swing substitutes who sign up will receive an additional bonus once their first class gets approved and published.

“Over the past few weeks with schools across the country closed, Outschool has seen more and more families signing up for our live video chat classes as they seek ways to keep their children engaged and inspired,” said Amir Nathoo, CEO of Outschool. “With this increased demand we are constantly adding new classes and we are excited to partner with Swing Education to ensure we continue to provide high-quality teachers and classes for families who are turning to us during this crisis.”

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About Swing Education

Founded in 2015, Swing Education offers a staffing application to provide qualified substitute teachers for K-12 schools. The company comprehensively recruits, screens, and permits educators to fill teacher and support staff absences. Schools and substitutes are efficiently matched through Swing Education’s online marketplace, with substitute teachers selecting job opportunities via text or a mobile app. The company’s pool of substitute teachers includes both veteran educators and trained professionals who are entering into the education community through Swing Education. To date, Swing Education has helped more than 2,500 school partners and over 5 million students. To learn more about Swing Education, visit

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