Super Duper Publications is Now Selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Super Duper Publications

PPE equipment helps schools, child care centers and families protect children and adults from exposure to COVID-19.

This year presents unprecedented challenges for child care centers and schools that are resuming in-person instruction as they prepare to educate and care for children while also limiting exposure to COVID-19.

To help them meet this challenge, Super Duper Publications, a leader in providing educational materials for classrooms and homes, is now selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The equipment, which includes adult and child window face masks, is being made available to help schools and individuals involved in education meet the need for protection during in-person instruction.

“The number one concern we hear is how to keep everyone safe from the virus. This is true whether we’re talking to educators whose schools and child care centers are returning to in-person instruction, or parents who are setting up learning pods with other families,” said Thomas Webber, chairman of Super Duper Publications. “We have responded to this concern by offering PPE equipment in small or larger quantities. Children must continue their education during the pandemic, and working parents must be able to have child care. We want to help them stay healthy, and reduce the chances of additional COVID-19 infections and closures.”

Super Duper Publications’ PPE offerings include:

  • PPE Kit – A package which include 50 disposable face masks, two face shields and a box of 100 Nitrile gloves.
  • Adult Face Shields – 2 pack
  • Adult Disposable Face Masks – 50 pack
  • Adult Reusable Window Face Masks – 2 pack
  • Adult Safety Goggles
  • Child Disposable Face Masks
  • Child Face Shields – 2 Pack
  • Child Reusable Window Face Masks – 2 pack
  • Hand Sanitizer 8 oz – 2 pack
  • Adult Safety Goggles – 2 pack

For more information about Super Duper’s PPE offerings, visit

For more information on Super Duper, visit

Super Duper Publications creates unique educational products for children ages 3-12, with a special emphasis on students with speech and language delays, developmental/learning disabilities, and autism. It was founded in 1986 by Sharon and Thomas Webber. To date, Super Duper has created more than 1,500 creative, colorful, supplemental educational and therapy materials for children, that are available in both print and digital formats. To learn more, visit

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