Special Ed Needs Money & Educators

Special Ed Needs Money & Educators

By Larry Jacobs

When Joseph Heller wrote CATCH 22, he never thought it’d apply to special education in 2022, did he? It does.

My standing line is that all special education teachers are going to heaven. How’d you like to have a job where the federal government mandates you to do something that you’d probably do on your own anyway, if you had the time and money to do it, then gives you no funding to do what they mandated you to do and penalizes you if you don’t do it?

CASE has their three-day Virtual Winter Meeting this year Feb. 9-11. You can learn more at www.casecec.org. The entire second day is devoted to the social emotional needs of the educators. Like on an airplane, basically it’s put your mask on first before you put one on your child.

With more kids and fewer teachers than ever these days, these are tough times. Special ed needs money and special ed needs educators. In our podcast with the Council of Special Education Administrators, we talked about some ideas that could make a difference.