Snow & Co Receives Grant from the Library of Congress for its New Music of US™ Project 

The cloud-based resources, built on Muzzy Lane’s Author platform, will include the Music Of US Builder App as well as interactive lessons

Snow & Co, along with its partner, Muzzy Lane, is excited to announce that they have received one of five grants from the Library of Congress’s Lewis-Houghton Civics and Democracy Initiative to create the Music of US project.

This initiative supports the creation of resources for secondary school teachers and students to explore history, civics, and democracy through creative arts, especially music, using resources from the rich Library of Congress digital archives.

Bert Snow, Snow & Co Principal, said, “Music of US will provide tools to make the exploration of musical primary sources on screens available to secondary school educators and students across the country, and we will also create and pilot ‘episodes’ built with our new tools with secondary teachers and students this spring.”

The tools and episodes will enable learners to explore the music itself, and to make  connections to the societal and historical contexts, movements, and personal histories that  connect music with our democracy, civic principles, and life as a diverse nation.

Built on and hosted by the Muzzy Lane Author platform, the Music Of US Project will include:

  • Music of US Episodes, in which students can explore facets of the music by tapping on “hotspots” on the music tracks as they play to discover more about the musicians, lyrics,  and compositions, as well as the ways in which musicians have contributed to our civic life and what it has meant to be an American.
  • The Music Of US Builder App will give students the tools to create their own “episode”  projects, using music recordings they have made themselves or chosen from the Library of Congress archives. Students can add photos, images, and writing that illuminate aspects of the music, or connect it to its sources and history and create an interactive experience for others to “play.”

For the project, Snow & Co has assembled a diverse team, including Muzzy Lane, as well as the following educators and experts:

  • Lynn Tuttle, Executive Director and CEO of the American String Teachers Association;
  • Dr. Blair Williams,  Director of Professional Development for the American String Teachers Association;
  • Duane Padilla, Content Committee Chair  of the American String Teachers Association;
  • Jane Knox Mills, 2012 Connecticut Music Educators Association’s Middle School Music Teacher of the Year and director of the Virtual Ensemble Project;
  • Julie Schaul, education program developer specializing in primary sources work;
  • James Sullivan, former Music and Arts critic for the Boston Globe and author of Which Side Are You On?: 20th Century History in 100 Protest Songs; 
  • Holly Golder, K-12 supervisor of social studies for the Red Clay, Del. school district;
  • Barbara Kirby, director of the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Eastern Region program; and
  • Keith Patterson, director of the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region program.

“We’re proud to be part of such a distinguished, creative team,” said Dave McCool, CEO of Muzzy Lane. “We look forward to seeing how Music of US makes the study of music into a truly multidisciplinary exploration of our shared culture and history.”

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