Shirley Forehand, Champion of Equity

Shirley Forehand, Champion of Equity

From the Nov./Dec. 2020 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

As Math Department Head, Shirley Forehand is implementing innovative ways to help students succeed and become engaged with learning. Putting math concepts to music is one strategy that’s making a difference.

“If children don’t learn the way you teach, then teach the way the children learn. As teachers, we need to embrace and develop students’ learning styles to help them become lifelong learners. This often means reaching beyond our comfort zones and be open to try a new ideas, teaching strategies, and resources to reach every single student.” — Shirley Forehand

Having taught for more than 25 years, Shirley Forehand currently teaches at one of the lowest-income schools in Little Rock, Arkansas. She’s always willing to try new ideas to get students excited about learning, and she is truly changing lives with her love and compassion.

Watch this video to see what we mean.

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