SESI Crixas TEAM from Brazil Are CoderZ League Champions in Global Virtual Coding & Robotics Competition

SESI, Brazil’s Social Service of Industry (SESI), had a vision: To equip the kids in their network of more than 400 schools in all 27 states with the technological skills, knowledge, and tools to become the leaders of tomorrow—the era of Industry 4.0.

Between October 2021 and January 2022, over 50 teams from across Brazil participated in the CoderZ League, an international virtual robotics competition. All teams worked together to solve missions and challenges, while the top competitors advanced to the Brazilian playoffs. Team ‘Takamassa Numuro’, from SESI Crixás in Goiás (GO), advanced to the world championship which was broadcast live to audiences from all over the globe.

During the world finals, SESI’s students competed virtually with teams from USA, Ghana, Singapore, and Hong Kong—before eventually winning the title of world champions for the CoderZ League Junior Division.

Erica Soares Tavares, teacher of the winning team, shares the impact made on her students: “It was a big surprise to get to the finals. It’s like winning the World Cup, but for robotics! The feeling for the students is priceless. Besides their personal skills and the technical competence, we’re also strengthening robotics in the school, robotics in SESI, in our country. We notice that it’s working, we’re on the right path. And this is the lasting impact I see.”

As a leading school network in Brazil and Latin America, SESI implements innovative solutions to fulfill its vision. One of them is CoderZ, a gamified coding platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn, teach, and compete, using robots to bring STEM to life!

Wisley João Pereira, Executive Director of SESI, explains how CoderZ helps SESI to advance its future vision: “When we introduced the CoderZ platform and league, it was a very important junction. CoderZ combines its curriculum theory and practice, so students can develop real solutions to real problems. CoderZ League played an especially significant role in encouraging students to say, “we will do this because the entire world is participating, and we are being challenged to come up with real-life solutions.”

Katia Aparecida Marangon Barbosa, Technological Education Manager in SESI, sees a direct correlation between SESI students’ CoderZ experience and the future job market needs: “The skills the students develop of teamwork and harmonizing, each one with their own differences, but with the ability to work together — this is a differential. It’s a required skill in the market.” 

This is the second year that SESI is integrating CoderZ in 27 DRs across the country. As part of the implementation process, over 400 teachers were certified to teach the CoderZ curriculum to over 80,000 students between the 4thand 10th grades. Following the momentous success of team ‘Takamassa Numuro’, many students are now ready to compete in the 2022 season.

To learn more about CoderZ, click here.

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