Selling SEL: The Need for Sharper, Kinder Brains From Pre-K Onward

By Larry Jacobs

Social and emotional learning came up on two podcasts that I did today.

UNESCO’s Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development is pushing SEL training worldwide because they believe from the data that neuroscience proves emotion is tied to learning… and that after what children have been through the last two years, kids need all the SEL we can give them if they wish to succeed… which in the end makes for a future world citizenry and a future world workforce with sharper, kinder brains.

The Institute’s wonderful Director Dr Anantha Duraiappah on the podcast as he clearly states how important teaching teachers how to understand and teach SEL is because “teachers are our first line defense “ against future ignorance.


And SEL came up again when I did a second podcast with AASA on their Early Learning Toolkit. Two superintendents, along with National Head Start, spoke on the value and ROI of Early Learning and the importance of SEL being built into it.


Then check out for up-to-date info on SEL every day. That’s what we do!

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