SDI Publishes PPE for Schools Report to Assist Leaders Now & with Future Mitigation

SDI, Inc., a leader in digital supply chain services and solutions, announces a new resource for district leaders: PPE for Schools Report. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, district leaders were forced to scramble and rapidly adapt operations to ensure the safety of students and staff. Many realized they didn’t have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers because this is the first time school systems needed to procure large quantities of PPE equipment. District leaders were tasked with identifying reliable suppliers who could deliver high-demand PPE supplies. In the free PPE for Schools Report, district leaders will find information about the PPE procurement process, lessons learned and best practices for moving forward.

“The pandemic is not a temporary concern. School districts should take steps to mitigate risks associated with future outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics. We’re eager to ensure all school districts have equitable access to PPE to keep students, teachers and their families safe,” said Kelly Kleinfelder, Chief Information Officer & SVP, Information Technology at SDI. “The pandemic showed us that it’s not effective to have a single supplier or source for PPE materials. Especially when demand is high, it’s best to have access to a large and diverse pool of suppliers and manufacturers. This strategy not only helps with ensuring access to supplies, but also helps get it at the lowest possible cost.”

PPE for Schools Report explores nine key chapters:

  1. Supply and demand: How did the pandemic affect the PPE and essential supplies market?
  2. Lessons learned across large and small K-12 districts
  3. Unintended consequences (e.g., school closures, budget shortfalls)
  4. Estimated costs for implementing CDC mitigation strategies
  5. Beyond the products: Key cost components of the supply chain
  6. Key drivers of costs in procurement
  7. Recommended best practices for K-12
  8. Short, intermediate and long-term solutions
  9. Getting Started: Assess your supply chain

District leaders are encouraged to share the guide with colleagues to have the tools, tips and resources they need to easily understand the PPE procurement process.

Download the complimentary guide: PPE for Schools Report here.

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