SchoolStatus Launches Notify, a District-Wide Messaging Solution

Administrators can schedule, automate and distribute mass messages directly to all parents and guardians via phone call, text and email

Ridgeland, Miss. (June 2, 2020) — SchoolStatus, the district-wide communication tool that integrates key student data, announces the launch of mass messaging solution Notify. Messages sent via Notify begin as text and automatically convert to voice when undeliverable, ensuring all parents and guardians receive important messages – regardless of their access to technology.

“Communication has always been important, and this pandemic has shown that communication is critical for student success. As school district leaders prepare for Fall 2020, Notify offers the ability to send updates and announcements to parents instantly,” said Russ Davis, founder and CEO at SchoolStatus. “This solution is just one more way SchoolStatus enables meaningful conversations among administrators, teachers and families.”

Parent engagement in education has been shown to have positive effects on students’ academic and social-emotional success. Notify supports administrators in getting important messages to parents quickly, and provides a way to instantly reach them without the need for a separate app requiring opt-in. Educators can also schedule communications in advance and utilize an automated attendance notification feature to send updates.

Through district and school-wide messaging, Notify streamlines parent communication, eliminating the need for multiple tools and systems. With Notify in SchoolStatus, districts can achieve more tasks at once, including:

  • 1:1 Messaging: Two-way, data-enabled parent messaging for improving student achievement, enhancing school climate and proactive relationship building.
  • Broadcast Messaging: Easy, reliable messaging for groups or class-wide announcements and information. Direct response functionality adds conversation records to individual student cards.
  • District and School-wide Messaging: Send immediate or scheduled communications to an entire school community from the mobile app or web-based login.

“Five clicks…that is what it takes to communicate with every parent in our district using SchoolStatus’s new mass communication tool. During these uncharted waters, SchoolStatus has made it virtually effortless to reach all parents in our district utilizing a single platform,” said Jill Melton, Technology Coordinator, Poplarville School District. “Teachers in our district have used SchoolStatus as the main form of communication with parents, and the administrative team has used it to send out both school-specific and district-wide announcements. The ability to be able to send and document communications with parents has never been easier.”

SchoolStatus pairs student data insights with communication tools to connect home and school. To learn more about Notify, please visit

SchoolStatus is the district-wide communication tool that integrates key student data in order to increase communication among educators, district administrators and student families. The company’s solution aggregates individual student data, such as state assessments, attendance and grades in an easy-to-visualize format and offers the option to communicate with student families via call, text or email. Through SchoolStatus, millions of communications have occurred on the classroom, campus and district level. For more information about SchoolStatus, visit

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