Schools & Districts in 8 States Make Big Investments in Lexia Aspire Professional Learning

Grounded in the science of reading, it’s the first self-paced, digital solution specifically designed for all educators of students in grades 4-8

Months after the launch of Lexia Aspire™ Professional Learning, schools and districts in California, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin have invested in  licenses to make the self-paced digital solution available to teachers. Offered by Lexia, a CambiumLearning Group company, Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is a new flexible, professional learning solution that is grounded in the science of reading and helps educators accelerate literacy skills in all learning among students in grades 4-8. Equipping educators with the knowledge and skills they need to apply science-based strategies in a classroom that supports varying levels of literacy competencies is central to the design of Lexia Aspire Professional Learning.

Eight new schools and districts have invested in their professional learning opportunities for teachers including:

  • Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma
  • Hart County School District in Kentucky
  • Union County Public Schools in North Carolina
  • Decatur County School District in Georgia
  • Caroline County School District in Maryland
  • Peabody Charter School in California
  • New York City Public Schools in New York state
  • Elmbrook Schools in Wisconsin

“We’re gratified to see our new professional learning program being embraced so quickly and so enthusiastically,” said Lexia President, Nick Gaehde. “Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is our response to a specific need that educators in upper elementary and middle schools around the country were conveying. Having these customers purchase our solution right out of the gate confirms that we understood that need.”

Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is specifically designed to help educators teach literacy skills across all content areas in grades 4-8. The program is designed to support all upper elementary and middle educators, including content area teachers, classroom teachers, interventionists, speech pathologists and English language arts educators. Educators use Lexia Aspire Professional Learning to quickly build the depth of skills they need to support students who have not yet fully mastered the foundational reading skills required to learn, comprehend, and articulate ideas across various subjects.

To accommodate educators’ busy schedules, Lexia Aspire Professional Learning is self-paced, so educators can receive the support and skill development they need on their schedule. The program, which takes approximately 40 hours to finish, focuses on instruction across three domains: Word Recognition, Language Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension and Writing. After a few prerequisite courses, educators can choose which domains they engage with and the sequence in which they complete the courses. Within each course, educators receive personalized content in response to their performance. Those who master concepts can progress while those who need additional, scaffolded support receive it. Additionally, each course contains “Bridge to Application” resources that provide teachers with practical resources that can help them transfer the knowledge they learned online to impact their instruction in their classrooms the very next day.

Lexia Aspire Professional Learning courses are aligned with the International Dyslexia Association’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading, and the Bridge to Application resources are also aligned with the Common Core State Standards and other state standards. The professional learning program also provides district, and school leaders with essential data that helps them visualize their educators’ progress. Its district dashboard provides real-time data on licenses, performance on assessments, and educator’s time spent in the platform. This makes professional learning more transparent and gives education leaders easy access to the information they need to make decisions that support their educators.

To learn more about Lexia Aspire Professional Learning, educators can visit

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