School Specialty and Teacher Nancy Chung Launch the Schoolyard Podcast

Hosted by a 26-year classroom veteran, the new podcast will tap industry leaders, educators, and subject-matter experts to help listeners reimagine the future of education

School Specialty, a leading provider of learning environments, instructional solutions, and supplies to the pre-K–12 education market, has partnered with teacher Nancy Chung to launch the Schoolyard Podcast to further its mission of transforming more than classrooms.

Twice each month, host Nancy Chung, also known as @FancyNancyin5th on Instagram and TikTok, will be joined by industry experts, fellow educators, and subject matter experts from School Specialty to dive into educational trends, seasonally relevant topics, and emerging and proven solutions to create an entertaining and educational listening experience.

Host Nancy Chung is a fun-loving 5th-grade teacher, former robotics coach, and content creator from Orange County, California, in her 26th year of teaching. Chung is passionate about sharing her ideas on creative projects, designing intentional learning spaces, teaching highly engaging lessons, building meaningful relationships, and cultivating a community that sparks discovery and inclusion.

“I can’t wait to chat with all the exciting guests we have lined up,” Chung said. “It’s an honor to have this opportunity to talk to so many passionate education experts as we build this resource for teachers and administrators around the country.”

Each episode will begin with a thought-provoking introduction by Chung, followed by a conversation between Chung and the episode’s guest. In the final segment, launching in episode 5 and dubbed “Tag, You’re It!,” Chung and the featured guest will answer a question submitted by a listener by tagging @SchoolSpecialty with #schoolyardtagyoureit and their question on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. Listeners who have their question answered on the air will receive a free Schoolyard Podcast t-shirt. 

The first four episodes will explore:

  1. How to make space for wellness and social-emotional learning with Sue Ann Highland, PhD, national education strategist with School Specialty
  2. Esports is like a magnet! with Claire LaBeaux from the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations (NASEF)
  3. Extended learning for every student with Nicole Hill, a former educator, principal, and current subject matter expert with School Specialty
  4. Setting the tone for back to school with Instagram influencers Stephanie Osmundson and Loreal Hemenway, collectively known as @happilyeverelementary

The first four episodes will be available August 16 on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Samsung Podcasts, Podcast Index, and Listen Notes. 

To learn more, visit To schedule an interview with Nancy Chung about the podcast, reach out to Erica Bauer at

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