Salt Lake City School District Partners with Vector Solutions to Manage its Staff Training

District adopts the Vector Training online training management system and the Safety & Compliance course library

The Salt Lake City School District in Utah has adopted Vector Training (formerly SafeSchools), an award-winning online training management system  and Vector Solutions’ online video training courses to help the district manage staff training and compliance for its 4,000 employees. The switch to Vector Training helps the district address federal, state and local compliance training requirements, along with district-specific policies.

Vector’s Safety & Compliance course library includes expert-authored online courses such as Bullying Recognition and Response, Active Shooter, Accident Investigation, Athletic Liability, Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention, and more. Vector Training helps districts simplify training management and comply with important state and federal training mandates, including OSHA, Title IX, Mandatory Reporting, Youth Suicide Prevention, Bullying and FERPA.

The Salt Lake City School District selected Vector Training after an extensive vetting process. Among its requirements were:

  • Automatic tracking and recording of all individual training requirements
  • Access to real-time reports of those trainings and completions
  • The ability for the district to customize courses or build its own training courses
  • A user interface that makes it easy and intuitive for administrators to communicate with staff members taking the courses
  • The ability for administrators to easily assign courses to individuals and be notified when an individual completes a course.

The Salt Lake City School District is an urban district with more than 21,000 students and 4,000 full or part-time employees. Vector Solutions is the leading provider of training and software solutions to help schools make their operations and communities safer, smarter and better. Vector Training is used in 60 of the top 100 largest school districts in the U.S.

“Vector Training makes it easier for administrators to manage their staff training and helps them stay on top of safety and compliance requirements,” said Vector Solutions CEO Marc Scheipe. “The Salt Lake City School District was looking for a solution that would help it tackle these challenges and we are glad to partner with them to help them achieve these goals.”

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