Ronn Nozoe, Interim CEO & Executive Director at ASCD

Ronn Nozoe, ASCD

Ronn Nozoe is a lifelong educator with more than 20 years of experience successfully leading transformational change at the classroom, school, district, state, and national level. He is a child-focused and people-oriented leader passionate about bringing people together to work toward common goals.

We were originally founded as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development in 1943 and I’m proud to say that ASCD has spent 76 years embracing a unique and compelling set of core principles. We have focused not just on the academic goals of curriculum, but also on education’s broader social dimensions, including the development of students’ moral and creative capacities and an understanding of their diverse needs. Through our publications, books, conferences, advocacy work, digital resources, professional development services, and—perhaps most of all—our membership, ASCD has fostered a robust and ceaselessly questioning community of professional learners. Through all of these products, services, and events, our goal is consistent: to empower all educators and to ensure that every child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Our publishing team is focused on delivering products that help educators who specialize in special education. Influential author team Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey are teaming up with Lee Ann Jung, a rising star in the education world, to publish No Student is an Exception: Disrupting Old Paradigms of Inclusion to Serve Every Student this fall, which challenges long-held beliefs about students in special education programs and special education itself. We want to empower educators who are already doing work in this realm and educators who may be new to special education with books and products like this.

While we have never been focused on the ed-tech realm, our editors and content managers have made sure to elevate the people who are changing the ed tech world and share their voices with educators across the world. We have worked with the likes of Eric Sheninger, Monica Burns, and Jonathan Bergmann to create resources, guides, and presentations to get these innovation solutions into the hands of every educator. In 2017 we also launched the ASCD Activate Professional Learning Library, a collaborative learning community that provides schools and school districts with anytime access to digital materials that are evidence- and research-based, developed by educators for educators.

We focus on giving educators a lot of options for professional development. We understand that school districts don’t have unlimited budgets and we always want to deliver quality PD opportunities that are worth the investment and worth the time. We have a lot of tools that educators can use to get there, including conferences like Empower, Conference on Teaching Excellence, and Conferences on Educational Leadership and products like our books and QRGs. ASCD Activate also allows teachers and administrators to access our entire library of professional learning resources whenever it’s convenient for them. Our professional learning team is there to help school districts, administrators, and educators figure out the best options for them based on price point and need.

After more than 75 years of helping educators navigate the often difficult and constantly changing world of education, I am most proud of the tireless work ASCD employees put in to make sure the best resources and tools are getting into the hands of educators across the world. We have worked hard to create an adaptable team that is focused on improving the quality of professional development for educators and promoting and advocating for a whole child approach to education, where we focus on not just the academic needs of every student, but the emotional needs as well.

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