Rex Academy Adds Cybersecurity Course to Turnkey Computer Science Curricula

The CS leader has also launched a pilot program offering high schools access to two courses per building through June 15, 2021

Rex Academy, a leading provider of computer science curricula for grades 4-12, has launched a new cybersecurity course designed to teach students aged 14 and up how to protect networks, computers, and data from hackers, malware, viruses, and other attacks.

The newest course, Cybersecurity, helps students understand difficult concepts by playing games or relating them to historical concepts. Diving right in with the history and concepts of hacking, the Rex Academy Cybersecurity course provides students a broad introductory understanding of data and network security concepts. The course is a project-based, hands-on learning experience featuring animation and in-depth videos to engage students with the only curricula guiding them towards industry certifications from technology leaders like CompTIA and Microsoft.

“Two-thirds of new STEM jobs are in computer science, and a CS major earns 40% more than the average college graduate,” said Sandhya Padala, CEO of Rex Academy. “And yet, when we hear ‘cybersecurity,’ ‘IT,’ ‘network administration,’ or any number of other computer science terms, we tend to think of the digital infrastructure of schools rather than the students learning those skills in the classroom. With Rex Academy, you can begin changing that today, even if your teachers aren’t themselves computer scientists—or even computer experts.”

Students in the Cybersecurity course use Virtual Machines (VMs) to work their way through curricula aligned to TEKS, Common Core, CSTA, and other state and association standards. Instructors—who don’t need a background in computer science to teach Rex Academy courses—can track student progress through in-depth analytics.

In addition to the new course, Rex Academy has launched a high school pilot program to any two Rex Academy courses, including Cybersecurity, per building for the duration of the school year. Participants can sign up now through March 15, 2021, by scheduling a virtual product demo of the course(s) they’d like to pilot. The pilot program will run through June 15, 2021, for all participants.

Courses available through the pilot program include:

  • AP CS A
  • AP CS Principles
  • Computer Science 1
  • Foundations of Cybersecurity
  • Introduction to Java
  • Principles of Information Technology
  • Python
  • Web Design

For more information about the new Cybersecurity course, visit Rex.Academy/cyber-security. To participate in the pilot program or to learn more, visit

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