Resilience and Hope Summit With Hasan Davis and Christian Moore

Resilience and Hope Summit Summit

As students struggle to adapt to the extended isolation of quarantine, mental health issues are on the rise and some at-risk students are falling through the cracks.

  • How can we engage students online?
  • How can we connect with kids who have gone missing?
  • How can we help students weather the isolation of quarantine?

Please join us for a live online panel discussion with a group of students and two thought leaders on this important topic.

This online summit will be hosted virtually and participants will be able to submit questions as we all learn from these field experts.

Hasan Davis
Former Commissioner of Juvenile Justice for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Hasan travels the country to help young people and adults find their voice, personal power, sense of self-respect, and dignity. And he uses his passion for theater to help others connect with historical African-American figures.

Christian Moore, LCSW
Author of The Resilience Breakthrough
Christian Moore is an internationally-renowned speaker, licensed clinical social worker, and advocate for youth. He is the founder of the WhyTry Program.


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