RedCritter Launches CritterCoin, the First EdTech Solution to Leverage NFTs

Available free of charge for students and teachers, CritterCoin offers non-fungible tokens as incentives for positive behaviors

RedCritter, the powerhouse K–20 technology innovator, today introduced CritterCoin, a free Houses System with Rewards Store for implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in schools and classrooms.

Available free of charge for students and teachers, CritterCoin was launched in early 2022 to help teachers tap into the power of positive encouragement for learners of all ages—without interrupting the flow of teaching or creating additional paperwork. CritterCoin’s powerful motivational rewards for students include digital coins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A popular new type of digital collectible, NFTs are typically digital artworks of varying rarity, stored permanently on public blockchains such as Avalanche or Ethereum.

“We’re proud to be the first to offer digital collectible coins and NFTs to incentivize positive behavior,” said Mike Beaty, CEO of RedCritter. “Over the past decade, RedCritter has developed 24 edtech patents to serve the needs of our community of educators. Our mission with CritterCoin is to use these exciting new technologies to give those educators a free and easy way to encourage positive classroom behavior and school values.”

CritterCoin guides schools through sorting students into Houses and identifying the behaviors they want to reward. Schools then design their own digital coins and teachers award them in real time when students demonstrate positive behaviors. Each new coin a student earns contributes to their Reward Store balance as well as their House’s score. Students in the top-scoring House are awarded collectible digital Critters, which can then be converted to NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain. 

CritterCoin NFTs are illustrated artworks representing different types of house pets. CritterCoin automatically handles the creation and distribution of NFTs to students, who can try to collect full sets of each type of animal and trade with friends to complete their collections. They can view their collection any time with CritterCoin’s web and mobile apps.

Already in use by thousands of students around the world, CritterCoin offers ClassLink integration, providing easy rostering for schools and allowing students to access their accounts without logins or emails. A premium version of CritterCoin is also available, offering additional features including:

  • Data insights to analyze how CritterCoins are distributed, compare competition rounds to one another, and track utilization data;
  • A public digital scoreboard to keep teamwork and positive behaviors on students’ minds; and
  • Parent access, which allows student guardians to view their students’ achievements and even award coins at home; and
  • Scannables, which allow teachers to easily create QR codes that students can scan in order to receive coins.

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