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Helping you paraphrase and study while reducing plagiarism

Toronto, ON, May 9, 2018 — Quillsoft launched ReaderQ software extension for the Chrome browser, in English and French, as a tool to help you paraphrase text from the web while reducing plagiarism. Many people, from students to political speech writers, fall into the trap of copying and pasting large amounts of text, and then don’t paraphrase in their own words, or simply ignore the fact that they are plagiarizing. ReaderQ smartly restricts how much can be copied as cues that you can paste anywhere and use to paraphrase. It then becomes like connecting the dots or filling in the blanks.

“My daughter told me that control-C and control-V were her best friends,” says Dr. Fraser Shein, CEO of Quillsoft, and “I can’t write it any better than how it was written.” Bearing that in mind, Dr. Shein and his colleagues wrote an innovative copy-and-paste patent and developed software that allows for multiple selections of text restricted by certain rules. Visual feedback informs you when selections are within and outside the rules.

The restrictions encourage careful reading before selecting and copying anything. Dr. Shein says, “It is the relationship between words that matter the most. Understanding those relationships shows knowledge gained from reading the text. It then becomes easier to paraphrase in your own words.”

The same method of carefully selecting key words and understanding connections helps in studying. Again, Dr. Shein learned from his daughter who was highlighting large amounts of text while studying and promptly forgetting it. Dr. Shein encouraged her to just focus on keywords and how they relate for jotting down study notes. This was easier than trying to memorize paragraphs.

ReaderQ also includes features to make reading web text easier and more accessible. It displays a web page without distractions, text may be spoken aloud, and various typographical features are adjustable, all so that you can read more easily and focus on the content.

For a free demo of ReaderQ, see

Quillsoft Ltd. (Toronto, ON) is a private software company founded by Dr. Fraser Shein in 2000 in partnership with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Quillsoft specializes in reading and writing literacy software tools. Over two million students use Quillsoft software around the world.


Contact: Fraser Shein, CEO

Quillsoft Ltd.
250 The Esplanade, #308
Toronto, ON M5A 1J2

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