Read to Lead’s Free Web-Based Curriculum Leverages Game-Based Online Learning

Read to Lead

Read to Lead is a 100% free and proven blended learning solution that leverages game-based learning to help students in grades 5-9 build reading, writing, and leadership skills. Teachers across the country use the “Be the Boss” learning experiences to engage youth and build core academic and leadership skills essential to their success in school today and the careers of tomorrow.

The free web-based curriculum is modular so students can move at their own pace, logging in any time of day for any length of time. One episode, or one “day at work,” takes about 30 minutes to complete. In that time, students read 5,000 words, make 10 leadership decisions, and practice Reading Anchor Standards. If students read their way through 12 episodes, that’s equivalent to completing a middle school chapter book! The program includes engaging content, data dashboards, and hands-on activities.

Additional Information:

  • Virtual Learning Hub for Educators: We’ve curated instructional resources to help educators use Read to Lead as part of their distance learning plans, including virtual coaching sessions, guides, and more.
  • Parent Resources: The Read to Lead Parent Hub opens up the program for students learning from home. Families can access all of our games and a curated collection of activities with just one click. We’ll be adding to these resources in the coming weeks.
  • Blog Post: How Making Students the Boss Can Empower Them in Virtual Learning
  • Words of Encouragement Campaign: Middle school can be a tough time for students. The unexpected school closures have only made things more challenging. We’re re-launching our Words of Encouragement campaign to crowdsource short motivational notes that we’ll send out digitally. This campaign is expected to launch toward the end of next week. We will share a press release with you when it’s live!

Contact: Rachel Samuel, | Classroom, Inc. | Read to Lead (

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