Rapid Reading Assessment Lexplore Now Approved by Microsoft Education

Lexplore’s Microsoft Teams app gives educators an all-in-one solution to communicate with students and colleagues to support and remediate struggling readers 

Lexplore, a rapid reading assessment powered by eye tracking and AI, today announced that its new Microsoft Teams app is available in the Microsoft Store, the latest development in its partnership with Microsoft Education. The integration of Lexplore’s reading assessment software and the Microsoft Teams collaboration tool will give educators an all-in-one solution to communicate with students and colleagues to support and remediate struggling readers.

Educators use Lexplore’s AI technology to assess students’ reading challenges, including dyslexia, and create a clear, holistic picture of their literacy needs. To date, more than 200,000 Lexplore screenings have been conducted in more than 600 schools across six different countries. With the new Microsoft Teams integration, educators will save time by using the learning environment they use every day for their classes rather than having to navigate to different online portals.

“As educators and schools face unprecedented challenges and time is at a premium to address learning loss, three minutes of using Lexplore provides a clear picture of students’ reading that pinpoints areas of need and provides recommendations,” said Martin Sjöstrand, CEO of Lexplore. “With the integration with Microsoft Teams, educators can work directly with students or collaborate with colleagues to view data at-a-glance and deliver reading material and support, saving valuable time and getting students the help they need right away.”

While traditional assessments take 30–60 minutes per child, Lexplore provides similar reading insights in a fraction of the time. Using the latest in eye-tracking and AI technology to measure when, where, and how children’s eyes move in relation to the words they are reading, Lexplore detects minor differences in the way a child’s brain processes text. Because it measures oral and silent reading, students that are non-verbal benefit from the power of Lexplore too.

“Microsoft is pleased that Lexplore is now among the growing list of K–12 education apps now available for Microsoft Teams,” said Tamer Erzurumlu, the director of partner strategy for Microsoft Education K12. “With this integration, educators will benefit from the collaborative tools of Microsoft Teams and the power of Lexplore to both save time and help students develop the skills they need to succeed.”

Lexplore’s results, accessible from Microsoft Teams or via Lexplore’s stand-alone portal, provide a unique reading profile for all students and clearly shows tutors, teachers and administrators how each student is progressing in reading development. The new integration also enables educators to provide reading resources from Lexplore Intensive directly within Microsoft Teams that are aligned with student’s reading results to ensure students get the added help they need.

The integration is now available to all schools and districts using Microsoft 365 with a Lexplore subscription. More information about Lexplore is available at, and the Microsoft Teams App can be found here.

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