PublicSchoolWORKS Updates Software Suites to Comply With New School Safety Laws

Changes to two software suites simplify school safety and compliance with easy-to-use, 24/7, self-reporting management solutions

To help schools and districts stay in compliance with new laws such as Ohio’s SAVE Students Act, which requires schools to create threat assessment teams and offer youth violence prevention training, PublicSchoolWORKS today announced updates to its EmployeeSafeSM Suite and StudentWatchSM Suite. The changes from the leading K-12 education safety and compliance provider help leaders across the country comply with similar laws that are being enacted in other states, and also guide them through state and federal reporting requirements.

“We are honored to support schools in keeping their students and staff safe and healthy,” said Carrie Mockler, vice president of client services at PublicSchoolWORKS. “As recent legislation in states like Ohio, Utah and Texas demonstrates, school safety requirements are complex and always changing. It’s vital that districts have tools that ensure compliance with laws at every level so administrators and other educators can focus on teaching and learning in a safe environment.” 

Focused on the three core areas of occupational safety and health, staff social and emotional wellbeing, and high-risk safety and liability issues, the EmployeeSafe Suite is a comprehensive workplace safety solution. The suite includes more than 50 programs within these core areas, each with a collection of systems, processes, managed activities, resources, and training to ensure best practices in school safety and compliance with state and federal laws. Programs include:

  • Staff compliance training;
  • Student-focused training;
  • Student bullying prevention;
  • Staff conduct reporting;
  • Staff accident management;
  • Compliance management;
  • Specialized solutions; and
  • Chemical safety.

The StudentWatch Suite offers safety training and various reporting systems to help schools ensure the social and emotional well-being of students. The suite provides key staff with accurate information via systems designed to facilitate communication and manage interventions to protect students. Featuring resources for students, parents, and staff designed to improve and encourage communication and automate appropriate action, the suite also provides access to a dedicated safety advisor to help ensure compliance with district, state, and federal requirements. Included with the suite is the Stay Safe. Speak Up! App, offering students and parents an easy way to anonymously report suspicious behavior, bullying, or other concerns.

Issues addressed by the StudentWatch Suite include:

  • Student behavior management;
  • Student accident management;
  • Bullying, harassment, and intimidation prevention;
  • Child abuse and mandated reporting;
  • Sexual abuse and human trafficking;
  • Suicide awareness, prevention, and response; and
  • Student medical care and management.

More information about the StudentWatch Suite is available here.

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