PresenceLearning Teletherapy Platform Available to Individual Clinicians & Group Practices

Online platform offers clinicians a secure, efficient, and engaging way to deliver therapy, along with exclusive access to a content library that includes assessments and activities

To address the growing interest in teletherapy and remote services, PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live, online special education related services and behavioral and mental health services for preK-12 schools nationwide, is opening up its teletherapy platform to individual and group practices. Therapy Essentials will enable clinicians to expand and diversify their practices, and provide more clients with the services they need.

Therapy Essentials is available through a monthly or annual subscription. The basic offering includes a secure, purpose-built virtual therapy room and access to curated interactive games and activities for speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral and mental health therapy. The Plus packages provide additional access to up-to-date versions of 20-plus speech-language assessments and 20-plus cognitive ability and achievement assessments embedded right into the platform for easy remote administration.

Meeting the Need: Expanding Reach to Serve More Clients

An online therapy platform can help clinicians reach more clients in a given day and integrate a flexible work style into their own lives. And, it can help reach clients who may not otherwise be able to attend sessions in person, whether due to concerns about privacy, a busy schedule, health issues that prevent them from traveling, or ongoing disruptions in our complex world.

“The pandemic has evolved clinical practice. This generation of children needs more support than ever before, and both therapists and clients need more flexibility and the ability to engage with each other remotely,” said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning. “With all of the tools, content, and assessments built right into our platform, clinicians are able to practice at the top of their license and deliver exceptional services. Their work is so important, and we want to provide a platform that makes it easier for them to serve clients and maintain flexibility and efficiency in their careers and daily lives.”

Specially-Designed Platform: So Much More Than Video Conferencing

Built by clinicians for clinicians, the PresenceLearning platform is an award-winning, online therapy platform that contains a robust set of resources and features:

  • Assessments from top publishers are built right into the platform for easy online administration. This includes more than 20 cognitive ability and achievement assessments, including the Woodcock-Johnson IV suite of assessments, and a broad selection of speech-language assessments, including CELF-5 and CASL-2.
  • Behavioral and Mental Health curricula including Owning Up, Tiny Guides, Positive Actions, and Health World Education.
  • Content Library full of games and activities for all ages, covering a broad range of subject areas, allows clinicians to personalize their therapy and increase client engagement. Programming includes content from Therapy Materials Vault and SpeechyMusings, plus PresenceLearning’s own games, Space Adventure, Dots and Boxes, Checkers, and more.
  • Support and Training includes live, in-platform chat support and a help center featuring clinical applications videos to help clinicians get the most out of the platform and delivering services remotely.

“The PresenceLearning private practice platform has enabled me to expand my practice,” said Karen McBride, CCC-SLP. “By being able to both store my activities and utilize PresenceLearning activities, I am able to save time searching for materials and see more clients. This has been a game changer for me as a busy therapist.”

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