PresenceLearning Hits Milestone: 3 Million Teletherapy Sessions Delivered

Company reaches milestone as it continues to help schools provide remote special education services as the pandemic crosses the one-year mark and students continue distance learning

PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online special education related services for K-12 schools, reached the milestone of delivering more than three million teletherapy sessions to students nationwide. This comes at the one-year mark of schools dealing with learning during a global health crisis.

“This year districts across the country embraced digital solutions to ensure that students receive the continuity of care they so urgently need, and more and more school providers experienced firsthand how teletherapy can positively impact the lives of their students. As we look ahead, we’re excited to continue working with our school partners to address gaps in equity and access,” said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning.

Embracing Teletherapy for the Future

PresenceLearning partners with hundreds of schools and districts in 43 states nationwide to help them provide services to students with special needs. As schools and districts continue to adjust to new learning environments, PresenceLearning helps reduce heavy caseloads, provides access to a greater variety of clinicians, reaches students whether they are in school, at home, or both, and fills service gaps related to acute and chronic shortages of special education and related services personnel. Its network of more than 1,500 licensed clinicians includes speech language pathologists, school psychologists, behavior and mental health professionals, and occupational therapists.

In addition to providing direct services this past year, PresenceLearning launched Teletherapy Essentials, the company’s award-winning clinical training program that includes access to its proprietary teletherapy platform. Teletherapy Essentials was developed last spring to help school teams confidently deliver high-quality services to students in any setting, whether in-person or remote. Since launching this program, PresenceLearning has trained more than 8,000 school-based providers on how to effectively deliver teletherapy on its platform.

Teletherapy Essentials was recently named a winner of Tech & Learning’s 2021 Awards of Excellence for Best Remote & Blended Learning Tools for Primary (K-6).

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