Presence Adds Scheduling Capabilities to its Modern Therapy Platform

Kanga’s expanded scheduling makes it easier for clinicians to manage their workload 

Presence, the leading provider of online therapy solutions for children with diverse needs, has added enhanced scheduling features to Kanga, its all-in-one therapy platform, to make it easier for clinicians to see and manage their workload. Built-in scheduling helps clinicians ensure they are delivering the required amount of service minutes to a student at the specific interval and frequency spelled out in their IEP and furthers the Presence commitment to provide an all-in-one therapy platform for clinicians.

“At Presence, we support clinicians in providing meaningful therapy experiences,” said Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of Presence. “Our innovative tools are designed to streamline therapy planning and documentation so that clinicians can focus on the work they love, spending time face to face with the children who need them.”

Kanga helps schools, districts, independent practitioners, and agencies reimagine the work of their clinicians. With Kanga, clinicians have access to award-winning technology to provide engaging, best-in-class, and personalized therapy to each student, either onsite or remotely.

In addition to the platform’s multitude of resources, documentation, caseload and goal management, the new scheduling features offer clinicians:

  • A weekly view of calendar events/appointments
  • A monthly, daily, and list view of calendar events/appointments
  • The ability to create, edit, and delete recurring events
  • Automatic syncing from clinician’s calendar to the student’s profile

With the new scheduling features, clinicians can easily see available time slots and group students of similar ability in the same time slot. Clinicians will also be able to easily schedule all of the pre-work that goes into reporting, such as IEP due dates and Triennial Evaluations.

“The new scheduling enhancements in Kanga allow clinicians to more efficiently manage their day, week, and month so that they can stay on top of deadlines and ensure they are meeting service minutes,” said Hannah Werner, Kanga Clinical Lead, MA, CCC-SLP at Presence. “I really love the integration between the scheduling tool and student profiles; it allows clinicians to enter information just once while still capturing valuable data in all the places it needs to live.”

The new scheduling features are available on the free version of the platform for clinicians interested in exploring how they can incorporate technology into their therapy planning, documentation, and delivery. Clinicians can register through Presence’s website.

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